hello 2014

hey there! it’s been awhile. i’ve been on a downward spiral of eating and laying for weeks. today was the first day i hit the gym since christmas eve. talk about lazy. i can blame the weather, the holidays, the tv marathons. but at the end of the day, it’s all my fault. i just let the nice warm comfy bed, excess of booze, sugar and party food get the best of me. winter weight 1, jess 0.

holiday weight

this week i’ve been a lot better food wise and i am hoping to continue to carry that into next week. i plan on keeping myself busy this weekend so i stay out of the kitchen and snack cabinet.

i plan on using a running for weight loss training plan that i have on my RunKeeper app and i’m hoping that helps me stay focused on running and getting in the workouts i need. it’s a free 8 week program, you should check it out. it’s tells you exactly what workouts to do and how to do them. (which is good, because i didn’t know what fartleks were until i saw this program).

i’m hoping with the training program, control over what i put in my mouth, logging miles and calories as well as blogging that i’ll be able to shed the winter weight and then some. i have this big thing coming up in 4 months called a wedding and as the bride, i’d like to be in the best shape possible. so it’s seriously crunch time now.

hope you had a wonderful holiday season. happy new year!

happy running! (and keeping your resolutions) – j

my 2013 holiday wish list

even though nothing will top last years pre-christmas gift of an engagement ring. or a post-engagement trip to the holy land of Israel. i still got some things off of my short long wish list.


so i’m hoping this year santa will be nice to me again. even though i’m probably the leader of the naughty list. but just in case you haven’t gotten tired of looking at gift guides and wish lists, here is what i’ll be asking for:

wave rider 17s

this super cute and cheap running tank.
i LOVE old navy activewear. i always stock up when they have great sales. i’m also hoping to get some of THESE, a couple of THESE, maybe a pair or 2 of THESE and lastly, THIS because i’d really like to at some point start running outside more when possible.

the one gift that i definitely want is a real deal curling iron. something that will help me curl my hair fast and easy because i don’t do it often since it takes so long. and CHI products work best for my massive mane of friz. i found this on ulta’s website and it’s a must have for me. i really hope that santa will find it in his heart to put it under my big fake tree.
this is another great ulta find too. i’m not a big beauty product spender, but it’s about $20 and lasts for a couple of months, so it’s worth it. and YES it does help dry your hair faster.

i’m keeping my list short and sweet this year because of all the wedding expenses my fiance and i have.


what’s on your list to santa?

happy running! (and holidays) – j

workout recap and slacker city

i hope everyone had an enjoyable thanksgiving! i spent mine over stuffing myself from the day before thanksgiving all the way up to sunday night. i obviously want to get as heavy as possible to keep myself nice and warm this winter.

getting back on track this week is going to be hard with all the extra weight i feel like i’m carrying around. i didn’t even workout as much as i wanted too last week just from pure laziness. i let the holiday get the best of me and i just wanted to lay in bed and watch every single hallmark christmas movie ever made.

this is what little i did last week:
tuesday – 4.38miles on the elliptical 40:00 + cardio kickboxing class 60:00
thursday – 6.20miles on the treadmill 60:50
sunday – 2.00mile walk on the treadmill 30:00 + 3.30miles on the elliptical 30:00

i wanted to get in my 15miles for the week to meet my pile on the miles goal. and i did. just barely.

it’s the beginning of a new month and that is always my favorite time. time to set new goals and make new plans. since the holiday season is fully upon us, i really need to do my best to stay on track with getting in workouts and not putting ALL THE FOOD in my mouth. i have some sort of holiday party or get together or celebration every weekend from now until the 1st weekend in january. that’s a lot of food and drinks. i really liked my 15 mile a week goal in november, i met it 3 out of the 4 weeks so i am pretty happy with that. going forward that is going to be my goal in december. 15 miles a week. plus i plan to continue to take at least 1 workout class a week too.

i have another 5k on saturday and i’m hoping it’s not as cold as when i did the turkey trot a couple weeks ago. but this will be my last race of this year. i’m looking forward to planning my race schedule for 2014 too. i’m hoping to do another half marathon.

enough rambling…

happy running! (and recapping) – j

another workout(s) and race recap

another week in the books. i didn’t reach my 15 miles for the week goal because i was too busy being lazy and staying under the covers. although i didn’t spend have as much time laying in bed and watching hallmark christmas movies as i wanted too. i was a least a little productive to society.

last week’s workout recap:
tues – 3.0 mile walk on treadmill (hill feature) 45:00
thurs – 5.0 mile run on treadmill 50:00 + total body class (which made my core hurt for days)
sat – 5k turkey trot 30:27

so i only got in 11 of the 15 miles i needed. i should’ve gone to the gym on friday like i planned all along but i was so sore from thursday nights class that i just wanted to lay and complain.

on saturday i ran the towamencin turkey trot. i ran with one of my besties since she lives about 5 minutes from the course. i enjoyed the course since it wasn’t a loop, it was a point to point which was nice. i felt like i was running up hill the whole time but it was a slow incline so it wasn’t too bad. the race had about 800 participants and reached capacity which is great for the organizers but not so great for the first half mile of the run. it was hard to weave your way through the crowd because the road wasn’t wide enough and people were not being very concious about other runners. there were people running with strollers and dogs and it was really blocking the way for others to pass. if you want to participate with a stroller or a dog or even walk you really should be mindful of those who plan to run the whole time and get in the back of the line up. overall i enjoyed the race and was happy with my time 30:27. i wasn’t planning on trying to PR but that is my best 5k time to date and i’m really hoping to finish one in under 30mins.

happy running! (and re-capping)

workout(s) and race recap

i am doing my best to keep up with my pile on the miles challenge. again, my goal was 15 miles a week for the month of november. weeks 1 and 2 have gone really well and i’m hoping to keep it going in week 3.

this week’s workout recap:
tues – 2.5 mile walk 43:00 on the treadmill + 60:00 cardio kickboxing class
wed – 5.0 miles 46:30 on the elliptical
thurs – 3.0 miles 30:00 on the treadmill
sat – 8k race 48:39 (my gps said 5.24 miles)

i went on friday night during rush hour traffic to the race expo to pick up my bib and free goodies. i stopped by the sweatybands booth and picked up 3 new bands. i also stocked up on gu chomps. i like buying them at expos because you can usually get a good sale. then i headed home in more rush hour traffic to carb load. i had my usual shrimp scampi and then i laid out all my race gear for saturday morning and went to bed at 9pm. (such the party animal, i know)

saturday morning i had my dad take me to the race. i think he enjoys watching me run more than i enjoy running. he would always come to my cross country meets and then sprint down the side lines next to me until i finished. (when you are 15 this is totally embarrassing!) but now he just waves and smiles when he sees me on the course. sometimes i wish he would blow an air horn in my face and tell me to go faster because he knows i should push myself.

the race started on time and there were no corrals so everyone just lined up where ever. normally for a small local 5k i don’t mind it being a free for all because there are only a couple hundred people at most. but this race had 3,000 runners, so corrals might have been a little bit helpful or people who know they aren’t elite runners should be further in the back. it was hard in the beginning to weave your way through people for the first half mile, but after that it wasn’t so bad. the weather was good, it was cloudy and in the low 50s. i found that i started off pretty conservative and my first mile was 9:49 which is closer to my usual treadmill pace. mile 2 there was plenty more space to run and i must’ve had a good couple of songs in a row because i ran an 8:19 mile. that’s probably my fastest ever. mile 3 was 9:23, mile 4 was 9:34 and the last mile was 9:28. my gps said i ran a total of 5.25 miles and my total time was 48:39. my goal was under 50:00 and so i was happy with my time regarless if it was 4.97 miles or 5.25.

after the run i grabbed a banana and water and they gave out bags with pretzels, apple juice and a clif bar. none of which were of interest to me. when i got home i ate a chocolate chip cookie and took a long hot shower. and i actually took a 20 minute nap which is rare. usually after a race i’m really energized and ready to clean my house from top to bottom. overall i enjoyed the race, and i’d do it again. i wasn’t a fan of packet pickup because going to downtown center city during rush hour is a giant PITA but i liked the course and i guess because it was more mild weather it wasn’t so bad.

i have a 5k on the schedule this weekend. i heard this one is a bit hilly but i’m looking forward to running with a bunch of friends. i just need to make sure i get in my 15 miles and i’ll be a happy camper.

happy running! (and recapping) – j

workout recap

since last week was the 1st week of the pile on the miles challenge, i set a goal of 15 miles. and not only did i meet my goal, i was an over achiever.

tues – run on treadmill 4miles 40:00
wed – yoga (i haven’t done it in years and this was a class i actually enjoyed, i’m going to try to do it at least twice a month)
thurs – run on treadmill 3.50miles 35:00
fri – elliptical 4.25miles 40:00
sat – run on treadmill 5miles 50:00

total mileage = 16.75

i set a monthly goal of 60 miles this month. so i’m heading into week two with 15 miles on the agenda. i also have an 8k on the schedule for sat the 16th. i haven’t done a race since my half in september, so it will be nice to get outside and run again, even in the chilly november weather.

my weekends are starting to book up again with family get togethers and birthday parties. and i don’t want to start packing on the pounds this holiday season like i usually do.

happy running! (and re-capping) – j

repeat of the week

since i decided to get back on the blogging wagon and i brought back free for all fridays. i figured why not bring it all back.

this week’s repeat of the week is: Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus

sometimes you just need an emotional ballad to get you to push through that last half mile.

on a side note. i’ve already started listening to christmas music and made my first christmas purchase on tuesday. tis the season!

happy running! (and repeating) – j

free for all friday

1. i can’t stop eating this popcorn.

2. i have every new hallmark channel holiday movie preset to record on my dvr. how old am i?

3. so glad i was able to score tickets to see this hottie again. i had an amazeballs time at his last concert. and this one sold out SUPER fast.

4. my iphone is about to get thrown in the toilet. i spent a good hour last night downloading new music and making a new running playlist and when i tried to upload it to my phone it wouldn’t sync. i tried a good 5 or 6 times and it just wasn’t working. i guess i’ll have to go back to pre-historic days and just use my good old ipod. #firstworldproblems


happy running! (and free for all-ing) – j

workout recap & my blog-versary

after doing NOTHING the previous week, i slowly eased my way back into working out last week.

tuesday – uphill walk on treadmill 2.10miles 35:00
thursday – 3.5mile run on treadmill 35:00
saturday – 3.0mile run on treadmill 30:00 + 1.5miles on elliptical 15:00

i was pretty annoyed on saturday at the gym when i was planning on doing a nice 5 miles. but instead i went probably a little later than usual and the gym got crowded and everyone decided they wanted to be near me. on both sides with plenty of open treadmills. this is probably my BIGGEST gym pet peeve. i ran 3 miles and then hopped on the elliptical where there was no one around. i probably could’ve stayed on longer but i really wanted to get to get to the supermarket before it was jammed packed.

the supermarket had lots of stuff i normally buy on sale, so i stocked up. once i got home i prepped a big salad for lunches and dinners and then i made a dinner plan for every night of the week.

i did enjoy spending most of my sunday morning laying in bed (like a lazy bum) watching the NYC Marathon. i felt so bad for Deba who was rocking it until mile 23 and then ended up coming in 2nd. but i don’t think i’ve ever watched a race before and i really enjoyed seeing all the stories of the 1st time marathoners and even learning more about the elite men and women.

and happy anniversary burgers and thighs. it’s been a year since i’ve been blogging and it definitely hasn’t felt that long. i’m hoping to continue to keep track of my running adventures and complain about all the food i eat and all the not exercising i do.

happy running! (and recapping) – j